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Is Gold a Bubble? Will it be Useful for TEOTWAWKI/SHTF?

29 May

Mark Dice recently interviewed at least a dozen people right next to a coin shop. No one has any idea what it is worth. If you think precious metals are in a bubble you are mistaken. Although Dice is a bit abrasive, the addition of the coin shop right next to him to the scenario is incredibly telling. Most people simply dismiss him, regardless of the benefit a little investigation might bring.

Additionally, this should probably indicate that storing gold or silver for a SHTF scenario may be a bad idea. It will likely be worth a lot and people still won’t care. When will this change? It will change when any economy tries to recover from the fiat money-printing fiasco.


What are your options?

19 Mar

In my own investigation of economic collapse preparation, I have come across many suggestions. While I am no expert, I think the discussion of options is well worth the time, and may be more useful than a discussion of specific things to do.

The largest question, for all people in first world countries, is: how do you expect your countrymen to react to a time when the financial and political infrastructure of your country has a drastic breakdown, collapse, and renewal?

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