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Is Gold a Bubble? Will it be Useful for TEOTWAWKI/SHTF?

29 May

Mark Dice recently interviewed at least a dozen people right next to a coin shop. No one has any idea what it is worth. If you think precious metals are in a bubble you are mistaken. Although Dice is a bit abrasive, the addition of the coin shop right next to him to the scenario is incredibly telling. Most people simply dismiss him, regardless of the benefit a little investigation might bring.

Additionally, this should probably indicate that storing gold or silver for a SHTF scenario may be a bad idea. It will likely be worth a lot and people still won’t care. When will this change? It will change when any economy tries to recover from the fiat money-printing fiasco.


Something to Think About

9 May

I write about gold and silver. I write about why our economy is where it is and where it might go. But when I think about what that will look like, I’m not happy about it.

There are people in the precious metals trade who feel the way I do. Guys like Chris Martenson, Peter Schiff, and others.

And then there are people that seem to be emotionally attached to gold and silver sky-rocketing one day. When it goes down they cry and talk about their pain and lament the powers that be “smacking it down”. I get that things shouldn’t be manipulated. But you should never feel that emotional about money.

Furthermore, think about this video, which shows what Zimbabwe is like: a place where paper money is worthless and gold is everything. It’s pretty awful.

Just think about that, next time you start hoping for silver or gold to double or triple. Be real. Focus on what matters.


Ron Paul Demolishes CNBC for an Hour

30 Apr

This show is unbelievable. At least 6 different people offer the most complex questions they can throw at the aging-yet-energetic congressman, Ron Paul. Calling his views “extreme”, bringing on multiple economists, and implying that he has no chance of victory are just a few of the games they played with him. But Congressman Paul rose far above the fray.

No one can watch this video and deny his competence and commend him for such excellent answers. Furthermore, Paul is extremely patient, dignified, and nuanced in all his assessments and responses. This appearance is flawless as it gets.

And yet, one gets the sense that, in spite of his ability to comprehensively speak to all types of issues, these people will simply continue obfuscate and misrepresent such ideas in the future.

But man, what an incredible performance from Ron Paul. Go Ron!


Money Printing and The Sex Tourist Industry

28 Apr

Further Abuse of American Fiat

I highly recommend reading this fascinating account from John Keatley, an American photographer who went to the Philippines to do an exposé on the sex-tourist industry, which is also highly recommended.

Ironically, he ran into a politician from New Mexico, who was frequenting the Red Light District of Angeles. Not only was this politician aware of John’s presence, but encouraged him to take pictures of him and email them to him. After the story broke, Keatley was interviewed about it as well as the politician.

In this blog, we often uncover and discuss the injustices that come America’s abuse of its economic superiority, most notably trade manipulation through money-printing. But the whole spectrum of our abuse is much broader. This is just one more example of it. Ever since World War 2, which my financial readers know was the economic peak of America, GI’s, tourists, and businessmen have frequented Angeles, and other developing nations for cheap sex.

Why does this happen? Simply because our currency, though much of it is not earned but printed from nothing, is still highly valuable, causing other countries contort their entire legislative system to accommodate American lust.

If this is how we want to utilize our “prosperity”, we deserve a depression.


Condensed Crash Course

18 Apr

One of the reasons young people are having attention deficit issues is that there are few people worth paying attention to any more. Chris Martenson is one of the people you need to pay attention to. And it isn’t hard to. This condensed version of the much longer 3+ hour version “Crash Course” (also equally worth your time) is an excellent way to get to know what Chris has to offer.

Why should you listen to Chris?

In short, because he has a very holistic view of the world. I don’t agree with everything he says, but there is very little he ignores when he says what he does, and that’s important. One of the main priorities I have in this blog is to incorporate what God says into as much of what I think about economics as I can. Chris has helped me to do that.

A Suggestion for CNBC

16 Apr

There are rarely clear options for those who seek truth in financial markets today. On one side of the fence, you have people like Dennis Gartman, who come out on every other side of gold depending on the month, care nothing about fundamental analysis, and like to come on TV to brag about every trade that they (allegedly) made like they just won big at a casino, only they can never tell you when the next one will be. And then you have the Melissa Lees of the world who rehearse and prepare just well enough every day in order to know how to address questions to the Gartmans of the world and repudiate or ignore others who actually do fundamental analysis.

ImageDon’t get me wrong, both of these people seem to have plenty of experience and a fair amount of data in their preparation, but they have no curiosity.Truth as a concept is lost on them. CNBC gives you other options, like the hyperactive Jim Cramer and the reactionary Rick Santelli, but what kind of personal responsibility do they take for their speech? How much real research can you do before you host your daily show?

These people are supposed to be real experts, but I see no reason to trust them. Give every person who regularly appears on CNBC a hypothetical $10,000, tell them to invest it in any assets they choose, and make a Fox-Box in the upper left hand corner that shows the total return of that portfolio every time they host their show. Then you have transparency.

Will it happen? I don’t think so. This kind of exposure would be so detrimental to the idea of a free exchange of equally unaccountable ideas, it would probably make many segments of programming untenable. It would have been like making a camera crew follow Barry Bonds or Lance Armstrong around whenever they spoke with their “trainers”, “doctors”, and other unseemly associates. America believes the lie and idolizes the liars far too often for the person who wants to know what’s really going on. But one day the charade will end.


Where Should You and Your Metal Go?

14 Apr

Hint: different places.

One of the most difficult tasks is figuring out where to store your tangible assets, like gold or silver. Another one is figuring out where to best utilize your primary means of production: you!

Throw in some technical analysis of Apple and you should have plenty to think about.

Brother John has put together a great video discussing the silver market, Apple, metal storage, and Asia.

Highly recommended.