A just balance and scales belong to the LORD; all the weights of the bag are His concern.

Proverbs 16:11

Have ever you wondered, “What is going on with the rising cost of item x?” At the grocery store, clothing department, gas station, and even your home energy bill, you are noticing rising costs. I want to help people like you understand that and react properly to it. I believe very strongly in right and wrong, because I believe these are real categories established by God. So I want to show you how these costs are representative of a major systemic wrong in our world.

The Problem

Major countries use their own government “central” banks to print money from thin air and loan that money to their legislative bodies who then use that money to conduct trade internationally, especially with less-developed. These other countries are economically coerced into handing over their natural resources and manufactured goods to these larger nations for money that is not earned.

The Economic Side Effects

What about individuals who decide to be responsible and save their hard-earned money in a bank account? Those people lose every time the money supply grows. Only the people who are rich and connected can tap into the source of the money supply through government-sponsored industrial complexes (i.e. banking, health care, military, etc.) can directly benefit from this activity. Everyone else loses. This is how the poor, the day laborers, the disconnected people are consumed.

This site is about economic justice in the most important sense of the phrase: eliminating the fiat currency system and establishing a real, fair American currency which is backed by physical commodities. It is also about what you can do today to legally combat this injustice and personally guard against it.

The Spiritual Side Effects

The evil of money printing causes one further problem: the spiritual degeneration of the country. We become more corrupt, more mob-oriented, less ethically grounded, and we rely more and more on government to address our greatest needs, rather than God. This cannot continue indefinitely: God will one day eliminate all debts. The only debt that will remain is whether or not you gave your greatest debt to his son on the cross or you take it upon yourself to pay it off. Are you willing to see beyond the monetary system of this world to trust in a future restoration of all things? Doing so will have a monumental effect on the way you engage this life, especially through the imminent times of volatility and economic collapse.

My hope is to give you insight into what’s wrong with this world, encouragement for how to address it, and options for how to prepare against it. I hope that you contribute your ideas and insight to this project as often as you have ideas to share.




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