9 SHTF Essentials

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Essentials for Existence: Air, Water, Food

The price of breathing at roughly $20, should make the IDF gas mask a no brainer.

Guaranteed over 1 million gallons of pure drinking water, the Sawyer 1 liter filter is my choice. $60

You should think seriously about buying bulk beans, rice, and other non-perishables, and preserving them in these 5 gallon, mylar bags, with oxygen absorbers. $18.50 for 10 bags

Essentials of Life

If you’re like most people, you like sex. Buy a box of 1000 of these for $130 and you’ll be able to decide when you want to bring progeny into the world.

The Eton Radio can be charged by its solar panels or hand-crank. $28

50 Cigarette lighters should enable not only an opportunity for a cigarette, but to make a fire at any time. $15

Essentials for Home-Protection

The Ka-Bar Full-Size U.S.M.C. Serrated Edge Knife is unmatched in its durability and usefulness. $63


At 130dB, personal door, window, and motion alarms are useful for a variety of applications for home safety. $5-$10

Pepper spray. $7

Through Amazon’s referral program, I will receive 4% of the purchase price from any items you buy. Thank you for your support.

Highly Recommended Non-Essentials

A wide-mouth jar sprouting lid enables you to sprout legumes and other seeds in a Ball jar. Nutritional benefit from sprouting cannot be understated. $4.50

Reusable Tattler Lids

The Tattler wide-mouth lid. A reusable canning lid for wide-mouth jars. $13

The Tattler regular-mouth lid. A reusable canning lid for regular-mouth jars. $12

The best all-purpose canner/pressure-cooker on the market. $78.

This guide to edible wild is extremely valuable for a SHTF situation. $16.50

The Benjamin Discovery .22 Cal. Rifle is somewhat useful for home defense and extremely useful for small game hunting. $380.


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