Fascinating Interview with Biographer of Blythe Masters (in English)

17 May

This interview presents the raw perspective of a journalist, Pierre Jovanovic, who spent several years researching the career of Blythe Masters. His comments are extremely insightful for everyone who wants to understand who she is and what she has done. Unfortunately, his book is only available in French. This interview is the only means I know of to access the core of what he addresses in his book.

For those of us who are familiar with Masters, much of what he has to say is merely confirmation of we know. What’s interesting is how seriously this man, who is more of a journalist than an economist, reacts to Masters’ effect on the global landscape.

I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to finally hear his thoughts. I encourage you to check out his website that says more about the book: Thankfully, non-French speakers can use translation features in their browser (available at least in Chrome) to understand the page. Hopefully the book comes out in English too.


One Response to “Fascinating Interview with Biographer of Blythe Masters (in English)”

  1. dave May 20, 2012 at 2:30 am #

    Fantastic interview! Saw you interviewed by Max Kaiser recently and was impressed by what you’ve uncovered. Incredible isn’t it? That people can be so evil. Its all because of corporate ambiguity, that’s what allows them to do these horrendous things (as well as cash)! Thanks for providing such incredible insight, wish everyone would watch this and then get your book. Hoping it is on
    Again, thanks for writing the book and doing the research – your a hero!

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